Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ash's Quest 6

Well it's been a few days since I did an update about this game so here we go. Well in Fuscia City there really isn't much different from the regular game, except the Safari warden battles you and tells you where the Dratini are inside the Safari Zone. The Safari Zone is set up a little different and features a mini adventure that follows the episode "The Kangaskhan kid". Other than that nothings different lol. Also once you go south of Fuscia there is Grandfather Canyon, where Ash and friends find Togepi and get attacked by Aerodactyl. To get into th Canyon you talk to two guys that block the way, and Jigglypuff comes out of nowhere and makes the two guards fall asleep which only then can you get into the canyon. Also you fall into the hole that Ash fell in, in the anime. You fight Aerodactyl, Kubuto, Kabutops, etc. Right when you get onto Route 19 you face Misty and then you run into another anime related event which (I can't remember the episodes name) the one where all the Pokemon get hurt and Ash and friends have to take them to a hospital for humans) basically for this, you just have to go back to Fuscia and talk to a man who says he's a doctor and he'll help all the hurt pokemon. Right after this you will encounter that one kid and his Farfetch'd, like in the episode "So Near Yet So Farfetch'd" where he steals your badges and you have to battle him. Well thats it for now, hopefully I'll be updating more frequently. Lately I've been focused on SoulSilver and haven't had time to play Ash's Quest lol. Also still no HM02... :C


  1. I tried following through but get stuck in the middle

  2. It's been a while, but did anyone find HM02?
    Tempted to cheat and use a code to get the HM.