Monday, September 20, 2010

Ash's Quest 5 (Kinda)

Well I haven't told you guys about my team in Ash's Quest, so I thought I should tell you what I have so far. 
Umbreon - Level 46
Blastoise - Level 52
Charizard - Level 45
Pikachu - Level 42
Venusaur - Level 44
Gengar - Level 42

And as for progress, still no HM02...feels bad man. Back to the road to Fuscia City, Stone town (The town with the Eevee brothers) is also in the game. You must face them, also I found Mikeys note (the littlest brother who had eevee and chose not to evolve it) but I have no idea what significance it plays in the game. Also there are a few trainers around there, but right before the gatehouse to Fuscia City you find Duplikas imitation Mansion.


  1. Umbreon I obtained through a glitch in the game actually, lol. You can obtain some Gen II Pokemon, Like Togepi.

  2. pokemon blog?!


    Vaporeon>umbreon btw.

  3. Showing my DAILY support I REALLY need yours aswell!

  4. pretty decent team, I would focus on charizard

  5. yeah.. i agree with the guy above... dude, you should do write smthin on the pokemon movie man...

  6. dude nice shit keep it up