Monday, September 13, 2010

Ash's Quest 2

Well I faced Misty in Cerulean, met Bill (Who actually had a lighthouse instead of a lame little cottage). I found Charmander on the rock waiting for his trainer, and Obtained Bulbasaur from the Garden. I also received Squirtle. I faced Lt. Surge without evolving my Pikachu, though someone does give you a thunderstone. Went onto the S.S. Anne (receiving the ticket from Jessie). Also the ship capsizes just like in the show, also James kicks his Magikarp and it evolves into a Gyrados, which you do have to fight. From there you take a ship which takes you to Maiden's peak, which apparently located just south of Lavender Town. From there you must go to Saffron and obtain the Sliph Scope so you can fight Gastly. Also it needed to capture a ghost Pokemon so you can enter Saffron Gym to face Sabrina. Expect more updates, theres so much that goes on in this little hack lol. 


  1. This sounds pretty good, might have to play me some.

  2. Hello , I can't find misty at the cerulean gym, can you help me??

  3. Battle the girl who is at the right of the entrance to the Cerulean Gym, if that girl isn't there then you may have to go back to where you first met Misty while she was fishing. After you beat her at her gym, she will be standing South of A.J.'s gym.