Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ash's Quest 4

Well, it's that time again to discuss the Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen hack, Ash's Quest. I still have NO idea where to find HM02 in this game. Well on my way down to Fuscia City from Lavender Town, I dunno if my game is glitched or what, when I was surfing past Maidens Peak I kind of went through a rock. On the way down Route 12 I came across the entrance to Neon Town (which I haven't been able to get into, I'm not sure if you can enter it or not). One of the guys from Neon town bumps you, like int he show. Also I came across Jigglypuff, which needs some sort of drink to sooth it's throat. On the way down Route 12 you come across a medicine shop owned  by that girl who wanted to evolve her Paras into a Parasect (I can't remember her name for the life of me). You can battle her, once you enter the medicine shop and get some sort of Juice, you can give it to Jigglypuff, once Jigglypuff is given the juice she can sing again, then walk to Neon Town and Jigglypuff will sing and become flustered and leave. Once the citizens standing outside the enterence have "rested" The man who bumped into you will apologize (like in the show lol). Also on the way down, you will find Melvin and the circus, you must battle Melvin. Believe me there is A LOT on the way down to Fuscia...Still if any knows where I can find HM02(Fly) Please, feel free to tell me, I could really use it lol.


  1. @McGizzle, I tried one of the answers on WikiAnswers was "WHY DON'T YOU BUY A REAL GAME" other than that, theres really nothing, someone also said that they traded it over, so yeah lol.

  2. Showing my daily support I REALLY need yours aswell!

  3. lmao.. hmmn.. must be some dedicated poké-board out there for you :P

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