Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ash's Quest 1

Recently I found an interesting little hack of FireRed while browsing one of my favorite websites. This hack is known as Ash's Quest. Apparently it is supposed to follow the Anime, kind of like a remake of Yellow, but with out Pikachu following you, though you do get Pikachu in the beginning. So far, it is a lot like the Anime, heres some examples: Your mothers name is Delia, You get Pikachu in the beginning, Gary chooses Squirtle,  You get attacked by a bunch of Spearows and steal Misty's bike in order to get to the Pokemon center in Viridian City. You also encounter Team Rocket (just not in the Viridian Pokemon Center, you encounter them in Viridian Forest). You have to talk to Flint (Brocks father) In order to get Pikachu more powerful to face Brock, and once you face Brock and defeat him, he leaves on his own Journey (though not following you) and his father takes over the gym. Mt. Moon is much smaller and you encounter Team Rocket (Jessie and James) once more. As of now, I'm in Cerulean trying to find out how to face the gym leader. 


  1. wait what how do you do this?

    also daily luff

  2. @Reign It's a FireRed hack I came across lol.

  3. Might have to get FireRed, Only ever played pokemon red and blue.