Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ash's Quest 6

Well it's been a few days since I did an update about this game so here we go. Well in Fuscia City there really isn't much different from the regular game, except the Safari warden battles you and tells you where the Dratini are inside the Safari Zone. The Safari Zone is set up a little different and features a mini adventure that follows the episode "The Kangaskhan kid". Other than that nothings different lol. Also once you go south of Fuscia there is Grandfather Canyon, where Ash and friends find Togepi and get attacked by Aerodactyl. To get into th Canyon you talk to two guys that block the way, and Jigglypuff comes out of nowhere and makes the two guards fall asleep which only then can you get into the canyon. Also you fall into the hole that Ash fell in, in the anime. You fight Aerodactyl, Kubuto, Kabutops, etc. Right when you get onto Route 19 you face Misty and then you run into another anime related event which (I can't remember the episodes name) the one where all the Pokemon get hurt and Ash and friends have to take them to a hospital for humans) basically for this, you just have to go back to Fuscia and talk to a man who says he's a doctor and he'll help all the hurt pokemon. Right after this you will encounter that one kid and his Farfetch'd, like in the episode "So Near Yet So Farfetch'd" where he steals your badges and you have to battle him. Well thats it for now, hopefully I'll be updating more frequently. Lately I've been focused on SoulSilver and haven't had time to play Ash's Quest lol. Also still no HM02... :C

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

SoulSilver :D

Finally, I picked up my copy of SoulSilver. And. I. Fucking. Love. It. Seriously, it's the best game I've played in years. Once I do an initial run-through I might do a nuzlocke of it. I might even do a full comic this time instead of one off ones. Only time will tell.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ash's Quest 5 (Kinda)

Well I haven't told you guys about my team in Ash's Quest, so I thought I should tell you what I have so far. 
Umbreon - Level 46
Blastoise - Level 52
Charizard - Level 45
Pikachu - Level 42
Venusaur - Level 44
Gengar - Level 42

And as for progress, still no HM02...feels bad man. Back to the road to Fuscia City, Stone town (The town with the Eevee brothers) is also in the game. You must face them, also I found Mikeys note (the littlest brother who had eevee and chose not to evolve it) but I have no idea what significance it plays in the game. Also there are a few trainers around there, but right before the gatehouse to Fuscia City you find Duplikas imitation Mansion.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ash's Quest 4

Well, it's that time again to discuss the Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen hack, Ash's Quest. I still have NO idea where to find HM02 in this game. Well on my way down to Fuscia City from Lavender Town, I dunno if my game is glitched or what, when I was surfing past Maidens Peak I kind of went through a rock. On the way down Route 12 I came across the entrance to Neon Town (which I haven't been able to get into, I'm not sure if you can enter it or not). One of the guys from Neon town bumps you, like int he show. Also I came across Jigglypuff, which needs some sort of drink to sooth it's throat. On the way down Route 12 you come across a medicine shop owned  by that girl who wanted to evolve her Paras into a Parasect (I can't remember her name for the life of me). You can battle her, once you enter the medicine shop and get some sort of Juice, you can give it to Jigglypuff, once Jigglypuff is given the juice she can sing again, then walk to Neon Town and Jigglypuff will sing and become flustered and leave. Once the citizens standing outside the enterence have "rested" The man who bumped into you will apologize (like in the show lol). Also on the way down, you will find Melvin and the circus, you must battle Melvin. Believe me there is A LOT on the way down to Fuscia...Still if any knows where I can find HM02(Fly) Please, feel free to tell me, I could really use it lol.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ash's Quest 3

Well, I defeated Sabrina and Erika, but heres a little bit about Celedon, the game Corner is not run by Team Rocket, There is also a day spa that is run by Jessie and James (like in the anime). Also there is the Pokemon fan club that has Hypno and Drowzee that make the kids and misty think they are Pokemon, but to counter that you must have your ghost Pokemon, it uses Hypnosis to counter-act Hypnos Hynosis, thus returning the children back to normal. Also the Celedon gym has Erikas perfume shop, which you do recieve some perfumes, apparently they power up Pokemon lol. And the only change to the Department store is that it doesn't have a top floor (where you would get the drinks). Now back to Saffron, the Magnet Train station is there, and I don't remember it  being there in FireRed or LeafGreen, so I'm a little confused as what to expect next from this game. Also I still have not found HM02 (Fly) and have no idea where to obtain it, if anyone knows please comment lol. This is starting to be more of a Walkthrough/Review, I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing, as long as I'm enjoying what I do :P

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ash's Quest 2

Well I faced Misty in Cerulean, met Bill (Who actually had a lighthouse instead of a lame little cottage). I found Charmander on the rock waiting for his trainer, and Obtained Bulbasaur from the Garden. I also received Squirtle. I faced Lt. Surge without evolving my Pikachu, though someone does give you a thunderstone. Went onto the S.S. Anne (receiving the ticket from Jessie). Also the ship capsizes just like in the show, also James kicks his Magikarp and it evolves into a Gyrados, which you do have to fight. From there you take a ship which takes you to Maiden's peak, which apparently located just south of Lavender Town. From there you must go to Saffron and obtain the Sliph Scope so you can fight Gastly. Also it needed to capture a ghost Pokemon so you can enter Saffron Gym to face Sabrina. Expect more updates, theres so much that goes on in this little hack lol. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ash's Quest 1

Recently I found an interesting little hack of FireRed while browsing one of my favorite websites. This hack is known as Ash's Quest. Apparently it is supposed to follow the Anime, kind of like a remake of Yellow, but with out Pikachu following you, though you do get Pikachu in the beginning. So far, it is a lot like the Anime, heres some examples: Your mothers name is Delia, You get Pikachu in the beginning, Gary chooses Squirtle,  You get attacked by a bunch of Spearows and steal Misty's bike in order to get to the Pokemon center in Viridian City. You also encounter Team Rocket (just not in the Viridian Pokemon Center, you encounter them in Viridian Forest). You have to talk to Flint (Brocks father) In order to get Pikachu more powerful to face Brock, and once you face Brock and defeat him, he leaves on his own Journey (though not following you) and his father takes over the gym. Mt. Moon is much smaller and you encounter Team Rocket (Jessie and James) once more. As of now, I'm in Cerulean trying to find out how to face the gym leader. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Crystal Update

Well I did it, I finally beat Crystal Version, I fought Red, lost everyone but my Typhlosion and Noctowl in the battle, and just got done releasing them ;_; probably the hardest thing I've done, to release 4/6 Pokemon I've went through most of the game with, but oh well I beat Red and I guess thats what counts. And just a quick update, once I beat Soul Silver, I will be doing a Nuzlocke run in it. But that won't be happening until I actually get a DS, so just a little heads up.

Friday, September 3, 2010

What Now?

Well I beat the Elite Four, Captured Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyogre, I can't capture the Regis. But hey I think I'm done I need a break from Pokemon for a day or two :P. But hopefully sometime this month I pick up a DS and buy either HeartGold or SoulSilver, any suggestions to which game I should buy? I also am going to picking up a copy of Pokemon Platinum, and I'll be doing a run through. And kind of reviewing while I do. Hope you enjoy whats coming up in the future! :D
Edit: I also forgot to mention that after the battle with the Elite 4 my Mightyena totally got destroyed by a Level 35 Wingull feels bad man.
Edit: I'm still a little unsure on which version to get next, any suggestions? I'm leaning towards Soul Silver, but I kind of like Heart Gold too, so if anyone can give me a little info about either game would be nice lol.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hoenn Elite Four

Well I'm on my way to fight the Hoenn elite four. I now have Rayquaza and I believe my chances of beating them are, well pretty high considering Rayquaza is a level 70 when you catch him, he's now a level 71. But hey every level counts :P

Update on Emerald

Well as of now, I have 7/8 badges and am doing pretty well for myself lol.
As of right now my team consists of:
Level 49 Aggron
Level 40 Mightyena
Level 41 Gardevoir
Level 24 Seviper
Level 15 Wingull ( I needed someone to teach Fly to lol)
Level 34 Psyduck

I'm really hoping I can end up with Rayquaza or Groudon lulz.
But now I'm off to Sootopolis to get another badge!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I have also just started a file in Pokemon Emerald, and am doing a Nuzlocke run-through in that game. As of now my team consists of:
Level 25 Kirlia
Level 23 Grovyle
Level 22 Aron
Level 14 Minun
Level 22 Sandshrew
Level 18 Poochyena

Currently I have 3 badges and have only lost 1 Pokemon, a Level 5 Wingull, so not that bad lol.