Saturday, October 16, 2010

SoulSilver update and moar to come.

Well I lost my Pokewalker AND my Umbreon that was in my Pokewalker ;_; so today, I'm going to obtain HeartGold and I was thinking of doing a Nuzlocke with it. (Once I complete SoulSilver). This will be  my comic that I told you about earlier. So stay tooned! 
And about Ash's Quest it's almost impossible to continue without HM02. But I will try and finish it. Moar updates will come as time passes.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Moar on SoulSilver

I absolutely love. this. game. I simply cannot stop playing it, so this is what I've been missing in Gen. IV? Then hell, I can't wait till I pick up Black or White. Also I probably won't be doing Ash's Quest for another week or so, I've ran into a few problems with it (such as I can't get any further in the game) Also I'm addicted to SoulSilver lol. I've got some ideas for a comic coming up, so be on the lookout.